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But the child

When a normal child begins to walk, we take it as quite natural, self-evident matter.But the child understands all the wonder and just walk rejoicing about it.Divide it with him rejoicing, because it is - the jubilation of life itself." Provide your child freedom of movement, stimulate desire re child climb, overcome obstacles, even if it falls and rises of the various provisions.Child's body needs a variety of movements to a greater extent than adults.If possible, put in a child's room a special children's sports complex or Pitch hill with a ramp and a ladder.

Organs of the respiratory

Blood pressure is lower, the younger the child.Organs of the respiratory system are not sufficiently developed: the nasal passages are narrow, friable nasal mucosa, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs also have a number of features in the structure and functioning.All this predisposes to frequent acute respiratory diseases, the development of complications.Furthermore, children have increased sensitivity to negative weighted fresh air.If a kid long time Goa is poorly ventilated room, it becomes flabby lym, irritable, his disturbed sleep, loss of appetite.Digestive system continues to improve.

Children differ irritability, loss

The clinical picture In the first year of life in allergic diathesis are often signs of exudative diathesis, rarely limfatiko-hypoplastic or neuro-arthritic.Children differ irritability, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance.Common symptoms are enlarged liver, symptoms of biliary dyskinesia, or cholecystitis, dysbiosis (unstable chair with alternating constipation and diarrhea, flatulence, "geographical" language).Immunodeficient condition often leads to the development of chronic foci of infection, increase the peripheral lymph nodes and spleen.Young children often suffer from respiratory diseases with long subfebrile (a slight increase in body temperature) and protracted.At preschool age they develop allergic respiratory diseases.At school age the disease can lead to the development of eczema, atopic dermatitis, asthmatic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

He will certainly

The bubbles in a glassThis exciting experience will appeal to any child, and yours is no exception


Clinical supervision Clinical supervision is carried pediatrician in the absence of a nephrologist.The first 3 months every 10-14 days conducted examination of the child, measured blood pressure, shall urine and blood.In the next 9 months inspection and delivery of analyzes performed 1 time per month, and in the next 2 years - one every 3 months.If within five years after the last exacerbation of the child there is no pathological changes and complex examination of kidney abnormalities were found, the child is removed from the dispensary.The prognosis is favorable.Prevention - early diagnosis and timely treatment of all diseases streptococcal etiology.Cystitis Cystitis - inflammation of the lining of the bladder, which is most often caused by microorganisms such as E.

Subclinical form

Worn form refers to a mild form of the disease and is characterized by normal body temperature and satisfactory condition of the child, on the background of which is celebrated on 1-2-fold cutback chair without pathological impurities, which is sometimes accompanied by transient abdominal pain.After 1-2 days the disease ends in recovery.Subclinical form is clinically manifested by presenting essentially salmonellonositelstvo, but the child's blood marks an increase of antibodies, and the instrumental examination revealed catarrhal inflammation of the small intestine.Bacteriocarrier can be formed after the disease (acute - from 15 days to 3 months or chronic - more than 3 months).

A study not so long

Today's problem is that the diet of children includes large amounts of meat, dairy products and foods high in fat, so the children consume a lot of animal protein, calories and fat.This kind of food, as well as inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables, which was mentioned above, the results, according to experts, obesity among today's teens.Also, there is evidence to prove that and s for this type of food sexual maturation in girls occurs before all before.A study not so long ago at the Harvard School of Public Health, found that girls in the diet which was more animal protein than plant, first menstruation occurs much earlier than usual.Large amount of calories, meat and dairy products - all this, according to scientists, is directly linked to premature accelerated growth and an early menarche (though weight memb Ikov study was under the supervision of specialists).Eating foods the body, which is reflected in the striking manner adolescents.

1. Stage

Greater resistance

Reducing the diaphragm creates a negative intrathoracic pressure which facilitates the entry of air into airway.Greater resistance to the inhaled air have the forces of surface tension in the alveoli and the viscosity of the liquid in the lungs.Surface tension in the lung surfactant reduced (active ingredient, which we discussed above).Pulmonary liquid rapidly absorbed blood and lymphatic vessels in normal lung straightened.Regulation of respiration is carried out by the respiratory center, located in the brainstem.

Often the question

Massage and exercises should be carried out for - hour before feeding or - minutes after it.Your arms should be perfectly clean, dry, soft and heat lymi, with short nails.Watches, rings and everything else that can cause the child a nuisance at the time of the massage should be removed.Clothing should be comfortable and easy, do not hesitate to movement and hands-open to the elbows.Often the question arises: whether to use special oil E, massage creams or talc? Best massage clean mi hands, as oils and creams enhance glide and complicate the proper execution of techniques and talcum powder and dried skin of the child ka.If your hands are too dry, apply a small amount of baby oil No.special.High humidity (potli ity) hands can use talcum powder oneself that body of the child.

And meet bunnies

Fox runs along the bridge, Sweeps railing tail.And meet bunnies - Little fingers: "Do not we fear fox quickly hide out in the woods! " 1-2 stitches - index and middle fingers of one hand "run" on the inner surface of the palm of the other hand to the elbow fold, and the thumb plays the role of the fox tail and "sweeps" or "dragging" for the first two.3-6 stitches - down the inside of the arm "run" is all-thumbs "bunnies." Repeat all steps for the other arm.On funny swing Nastya and Pauline sat down.

Example of t y t r a and k o m b and n and p la n n n u t c a n and n to n and p and k and n Sirota

Example of t y t r a and k o m b and n and p la n n n u t c a n and n to n and p and k and n Sirota and to about p and e n d e m e and h i s o d o n a r o m and m and and to p and n with x and y p r o a d i o t in g of n and d e n s p a r n s m and w n p and q and m and p and s n s e y h a with t k and t l e a.As with e p r in and to u, p and s p e n e w s e n in p and m to n and x and y and n a l s n o r o l e a a n d a r i n o l o w e n n e s p o in o r r a a t y , m o w n o in in about d and t s o n d o p a e m e n n o p r a n s m and w n p and n and m , and in the p and s n s e y h and with tonnes and t e l a.

When the dynamics

Mismatch power functionality of these children can lead to poor appetite, diarrhea disorders (simple dyspepsia), uneven buildup of body weight.Daily volume of food for both children equal 1/2massy their bodies preserved for 2-3 months, and sometimes even 4-5 months.When reaching the body weight, age-appropriate, power is calculated as well as for children with normal weight.Calculation of power in children with high body weight should also be unique.When the dynamics of increases under the age of body weight standards need to increase the content of nutrients in the diet is not required.In case of insufficient weight gain should prokorrektirovat food.Breastfeeding is the best kind of food the child, but we should not forget that from the first months of life, children need to be introduced into the diet food supplements that contain minerals, vitamins, organic acids, pectin necessary to ensure normal growth and development of the child and contribute to the prevention of diseases such as anemia, rickets and other.

To assemble a picture, it takes

Educational Game "Noah's Ark" is perfect for this age.Puzzles for baby yearsPuzzles affect the development of the imagination, logic and memory of your child

Became loud

5-7 lines - call names and thus the pad of the index finger alternately touch the fingertips of the other hand.8 line - massaging his right thumb, who plays Kotofei.9-10 stitches - close your eyes, both hands pat yourself on the back.Early in the morning from afar Arrived to us forty.Became loud chirp, Long tail wagging.Corns she pecked, All things told.1-2 stitches - join hands cross- wise, touching wrists.Both tassels waving like wings.3-4 stitches - palm with closed fingers pressed together and their right-cant left.5-6 stitches - the fingers of both hands to pinch and collect "klyuem corns" with the table surface.

Patent ductus

Congenital heart disease with an enrichment of the pulmonary circulation Patent ductus arteriosus Ductus arteriosus connects the initial part of the descending aorta to the pulmonary artery.In the bulk of the newborn ductus arteriosus ceases to function in the first hours and days of life.Most often, this defect occurs in premature infants with birth weight less than 1200 when saving features of this flow after birth to talk about the presence of congenital heart disease.Hemodynamic disturbances are to reset the blood from the aorta to the pulmonary artery that leads to the overflow of the pulmonary circulation and overload of the left heart.Patent ductus arteriosus is clinically manifested at the end of the first year or 2-3 year life.Prior to the onset of clinical symptoms in children are driven primarily according to their age and the first phase of their proceeds easily.

In observing the child

From the first days of life should be applied special stimulation techniques movements swaddling-open, rolling, crawling, etc.Widely used massage and gymnastic exercises, appropriate to the age of the child.Acute problem of modernity is hypokinesia - limited range of motion - which significantly reduces the level of children's health and leads to pathological conditions such as obesity and vascular dystonia.In observing the child should pay attention to the fact that the muscles were resilient and equally developed on the symmetric parts of the body.On the development of the muscles can be judged by the shape of the abdomen (in normally developing children, it is elastic, fit), the position of the blades (they must be symmetrically located with respect to the spine).

In this period

Going improvement of motor functions from full motor helplessness at birth to independent walking and playing with toys by the end of the first year of life.Due to strong growth and development of the child in this period of life there are certain problems to ensure optimal development and the prevention of diseases and injuries of the child.In this period of development, the child gradually loses the passive immunity, which he received from his mother, and the maturation of its own immune system is extremely slow, resulting in an increased risk of various diseases, especially infectious nature.Despite this, the limit contact with other children explain the low incidence of childhood infections.

They usually occur

With the systematic use of fermented mixtures your child will be much less suffer from relatively gassing because reduced intestinal fermentation in nickel

A n y t r e n n i i g r w and s; n about

- extreme fixation of the duodenum: a) false; b) true; c) functional obstruction.a n y t r e n n i i g r w and s; n about in about Sirota to w and h e H and a in of b r a t n o m n a p r and l e n u; in s to about to about e n a n o l o w n e n e s l o w d k and k, and; n of w and d in g th e I n and I n k and w to a; p and with n of l on g e n and e h e r a e o b r a h n o d o o r p o with t to a p o r and d and a l e n o d to w and to and.By the birth of a child is relatively greater length of the intestine relative to the length of the body than in older children and adults.The small intestine is the child of the first year of life has a length of 1.2-2.8 m, which is 2 times smaller than that of an adult.With age, the length of the intestine increases slower than the growth of the body.Small intestine has multiple intestinal folds and villi lined inside.

Cams already loosely

Hands rest on the forearm, usually made by the forwards.Cams already loosely compressed and do not capture the thumbs.Chest slightly elevated above the surface of the table.Abdomen and pelvis tightly to the table.Hips slightly divorced, raised shin.Torso - direct.Make it a thought line from occiput to mid mezhyagodichnoy folds .x Children with impaired muscle tone, this line is constantly mixture schena in one direction (asymmetric position of the torso and head).Straighten your legs and bring their child, see whether symmetric gluteal and popliteal crease.Child free shifts head left and right, not to give preference to any of the Wai.Leg Curl should occur freely without separation of the pelvis from the table surface.

It is only

This is the rare case where the treatment has no side effects Comrade.It is only necessary to consult with a specialist in medical gymnastics and carefully observe the child.Massage courses held on - procedures daily or every other day, with breaks between courses of - weeks.The intensity of exposure is gradually increased to the middle of the course.Massage optionally walk combined with exercises to correct vicious polo tion foot.Starting position - baby lying on his stomach under the ankle joints governmental - small roll.

So, the baby

Particular attention is paid to the lumbar region (where the nerves originate, control leg muscles), the buttocks, legs massaged by a special technique.So, the baby is lying on her stomach, feet dangling over the edge of the table or under the ankles is laid a small roller.Back Massage: stroking across the back from the waist up to the neck and along the spine to the side surfaces - to the armpits.Rubbing (fingertips, sawing back surface of the bent fingers) over the entire surface of the back, kneading, stroking again.Lumbosacral region: stroking, vigorously growing even earlier, stroking in the direction of the spine and down the sides.gluteal region: stroking in a circular or x-shaped on the board, intensive grinding (back surface of the bent fingers), kneading, invigorating percussion techniques (effleurage, pat, hack), again stroking.The rear surface of the feet: total stroking, then stroking of thighs from the popliteal fossa upward and outward, rubbing, kneading of light percussion techniques (pat, hack one or two fingers), stroking.

Very useful pat disclosed

Very useful pat disclosed brush child on time personal surfaces: on the table, wall, large toys, game "Okay" ., Encourage your baby clap the water while swimming - this is probably ka like a child.Capturing children's pen, draw a palm over his face or hand - it's nice and useful .In later life, when the brush is sufficiently disclosed child, teach him to play on their own, "Okay" and "magpie" ("forty-Soro ka, porridge cooked, nursed babies "- a pat on the palm of your hand," this - given, that - given " - when listing "kids" - massage fingers).Massage fingers For the development of prehensile hand function is recommended during the first three months to spend some time training grasp reflex, putting their fingers in the palm of a child.

Hold the baby brush

Exercise on the ball.Methodological notes Hand Massage Perform - strokes the entire length of the child's hands (see I clod ­ plex number ) from wrist to shoulder.Next appointment - ring rubbing.Hold the baby brush (left hand - right, right - left), putting it in your thumb.Thumb and index finger of your free hand grasp the ring handle child at the wrist.Do vigorous rubbing ring with an emphasis on on the outer surface of the hand .So in about - turns to move the elbow, then - turns - to shoulder.

In the room where

The children's room is also desirable presence of a small room thermometer

Bubo-M - a combination

Eberbiovak HB.Engerix B - the first vaccine, which became applicable in Russia.Is a surface antigen of hepatitis B virus H - B - Vax ® - ll contains the surface antigen of hepatitis B virus Shenvak-In - genetic engineering vaccine containing purified surface antigen.Bubo-M - a combination of the surface antigen of hepatitis B, diphtheria and tetanus toxoids.Used for primary and booster vaccination of children older than 6 years, adolescents and adults who simultaneously planned vaccination against hepatitis B.Bubo-Kok ® - diphtheria-tetanus-hepatic B vaccine.Tvinriks used for vaccination against hepatitis A and B, since the age of 1 year.

Stabilization period

Growth pattern in girls is significantly different from the boys.Stabilization period of growth short, with 8 years of growth acceleration begins, which reaches maximum numbers at the age of 10-11 years.Vprepubertatnom period increase in body length in males reaches 47-48 cm, 36-38 cm in girls Increase growth in boys 10-11 years is due to the lower extremities, which in 14-15 years to stop growing and start increasing the size of the trunk.In girls, these changes are observed in the age of 8 and 11-12 years.Currently, these parameters have shifted to an earlier date.Regulation of growth in the postnatal period is an endocrine nature.Hormones, contributing to the growth are growth hormone pituitary hormones thyroid and insulin (a hormone of the pancreas).Disturbance of function of these glands can lead to disruption of normal growth of the child, which can be adjusted while watching an endocrinologist by assigning the necessary preparations.

Iron supplements

In prepubertal and pubertal period used drugs with a longer action - ferrogradument, tardiferon.Iron supplements should be used to the food in combination with ascorbic acid to better their suction, washed down with diluted acidic juices.Long course of treatment, at least 1-3 months, under the supervision of a physician.In the treatment of severe forms prescribed - ferrumlek, ferkofen erythropoietin.When administered intramuscularly and intravenously drugs, you can not combine them welcome the appointment of oral iron therapy.Recommended preparations of C, B, P, folic acid.Prevention of anemia begins in utero with catering mother and her anemia prevention.Paramount importance of breastfeeding with timely introduction of complementary foods.Prophylactic iron supplementation for children at risk (preterm, from a multiple pregnancy).Leukosis Leukemias - general name of malignant tumors arising from hematopoietic cells.

Raising and lowering

What is missing?This game is well developed memory and attention baby

Increasing cough, which

Precursors period begins a few days or hours before the attack and irritability accompanied by a child, anxiety, sleep disorders (child usually becomes drowsy), autonomic disturbances (sweating, heart palpitations, breathing rhythm disturbance), allergic lesions of the skin and mucous membranes ( rash, rhinitis, conjunctivitis).Suffocation period begins acutely, usually at night, and is accompanied by anxiety and excitement of the child.Increasing cough, which gets annoying, often painful.The child has a feeling of lack of air.Increases expiratory dyspnea (difficult breathing out and becomes several times as long as inhalation).

Read your child

To achieve a healthy weight and a beautiful figure better to adopt the principles of recovery, rather than low-calorie diets pace yourself.We must focus on the fact that you eat, not the amount of food.Straight to you now know the most useful diet - is one in which fully no animal products, and constitute the basis of cereals, beans, vegetables and fruits.Try to explain to your child that food as a source of health and strength, and not enjoying or quench sadness or boredom.Read your child a book In most cases to reduce a child's calorie intake is not recommended.PRODO lzhaet The baby grow and develop until about 20 years, so a child can not be limited in nutrient intake.

Armchair drowsiness

You will need a car seat when the baby gets older and becomes more motion ­ gatsya

The most common

A baby any food can cause an allergic condition that manifests itself not only skin reactions, but also disorders of the gastrointestinal tract


When skin erosions treated with 5% solution of potassium permanganate, 0.5% resorcinol solution, 1.25% silver nitrate solution, Chatterbox, manufactured in pharmacies.Hygienic bath should be carried out with a solution of potassium permanganate (1: 10,000) 1% solution of tannin, oak bark decoction or chamomile.Infectious diseases of the skin and navel in newborns Omphalitis Omphalitis - inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the navel.Distinguish primary and secondary omphalitis.Primary omphalitis develops as a result of early umbilical wound infection, associated with the addition of a secondary infection on a background of congenital anomalies (incomplete umbilical, yolk or urinary fistula).


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