In the room where

In the room whereThe children's room is also desirable presence of a small room thermometer. best to hang it around in a baby cot at a height of 5 m above the floor.

In that case, if you for some time with the baby will sleep in one room, you'll need a small light that can be switched quickly if necessary, getting out of bed and not risking anything to drop.

In the room where the child can put an aquarium with fish: first, it moistens the air, and secondly, it is aesthetically pleasing. And the child growing up to be interested in contemplation van floating in the aquarium fish.

As already mentioned above, in the nursery must maintain the desired order temperature of the air. A young child is still very imperfect mechanisms regu lation of body temperature. Therefore, there is a high risk of hypothermia. But it is not desired

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Bubo-M - a combination

Bubo-M - a combination Eberbiovak HB.

Engerix B - the first vaccine, which became applicable in Russia.

Is a surface antigen of hepatitis B virus H - B - Vax ® - ll contains the surface antigen of hepatitis B virus Shenvak-In - genetic engineering vaccine containing purified surface antigen.

Bubo-M - a combination of the surface antigen of hepatitis B, diphtheria and tetanus toxoids.

Used for primary and booster vaccination of children older than 6 years, adolescents and adults who simultaneously planned vaccination against hepatitis B.

Bubo-Kok ® - diphtheria-tetanus-hepatic B vaccine.

Tvinriks used for vaccination against hepatitis A and B, since the age of 1 year.

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Stabilization period

Stabilization period Growth pattern in girls is significantly different from the boys.

Stabilization period of growth short, with 8 years of growth acceleration begins, which reaches maximum numbers at the age of 10-11 years.

Vprepubertatnom period increase in body length in males reaches 47-48 cm, 36-38 cm in girls Increase growth in boys 10-11 years is due to the lower extremities, which in 14-15 years to stop growing and start increasing the size of the trunk.

In girls, these changes are observed in the age of 8 and 11-12 years.

Currently, these parameters have shifted to an earlier date.

Regulation of growth in the postnatal period is an endocrine nature.

Hormones, contributing to the growth are growth hormone pituitary hormones thyroid and insulin (a hormone of the pancreas).

Disturbance of function of these glands can lead to disruption of normal growth of the child, which can be adjusted while watching an endocrinologist by assigning the necessary preparations.

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Iron supplements

Iron supplements In prepubertal and pubertal period used drugs with a longer action - ferrogradument, tardiferon.

Iron supplements should be used to the food in combination with ascorbic acid to better their suction, washed down with diluted acidic juices.

Long course of treatment, at least 1-3 months, under the supervision of a physician.

In the treatment of severe forms prescribed - ferrumlek, ferkofen erythropoietin.

When administered intramuscularly and intravenously drugs, you can not combine them welcome the appointment of oral iron therapy.

Recommended preparations of C, B, P, folic acid.

Prevention of anemia begins in utero with catering mother and her anemia prevention.

Paramount importance of breastfeeding with timely introduction of complementary foods.

Prophylactic iron supplementation for children at risk (preterm, from a multiple pregnancy).

Leukosis Leukemias - general name of malignant tumors arising from hematopoietic cells.

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Raising and lowering

Raising and lowering What is missing?

This game is well developed memory and attention baby. Put in front of him a few toys. Encourage your child to call them, carefully again to see them, and turn away. And you need to quickly hide a toy. When the baby turns, ask him what's missing. Starting with three toys, gradually increase their number. Читать полностью -->

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