Cams already loosely

Cams already loosely Hands rest on the forearm, usually made by the forwards.

Cams already loosely compressed and do not capture the thumbs.

Chest slightly elevated above the surface of the table.

Abdomen and pelvis tightly to the table.

Hips slightly divorced, raised shin.

Torso - direct.

Make it a thought line from occiput to mid mezhyagodichnoy folds .

x Children with impaired muscle tone, this line is constantly mixture schena in one direction (asymmetric position of the torso and head).

Straighten your legs and bring their child, see whether symmetric gluteal and popliteal crease.

Child free shifts head left and right, not to give preference to any of the Wai.

Leg Curl should occur freely without separation of the pelvis from the table surface.

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It is only

It is only This is the rare case where the treatment has no side effects Comrade.

It is only necessary to consult with a specialist in medical gymnastics and carefully observe the child.

Massage courses held on - procedures daily or every other day, with breaks between courses of - weeks.

The intensity of exposure is gradually increased to the middle of the course.

Massage optionally walk combined with exercises to correct vicious polo tion foot.

Starting position - baby lying on his stomach under the ankle joints governmental - small roll.

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So, the baby

So, the baby Particular attention is paid to the lumbar region (where the nerves originate, control leg muscles), the buttocks, legs massaged by a special technique.

So, the baby is lying on her stomach, feet dangling over the edge of the table or under the ankles is laid a small roller.

Back Massage: stroking across the back from the waist up to the neck and along the spine to the side surfaces - to the armpits.

Rubbing (fingertips, sawing back surface of the bent fingers) over the entire surface of the back, kneading, stroking again.

Lumbosacral region: stroking, vigorously growing even earlier, stroking in the direction of the spine and down the sides.

gluteal region: stroking in a circular or x-shaped on the board, intensive grinding (back surface of the bent fingers), kneading, invigorating percussion techniques (effleurage, pat, hack), again stroking.

The rear surface of the feet: total stroking, then stroking of thighs from the popliteal fossa upward and outward, rubbing, kneading of light percussion techniques (pat, hack one or two fingers), stroking.

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Very useful pat disclosed

Very useful pat disclosed Very useful pat disclosed brush child on time personal surfaces: on the table, wall, large toys, game "Okay" .

, Encourage your baby clap the water while swimming - this is probably ka like a child.

Capturing children's pen, draw a palm over his face or hand - it's nice and useful .

In later life, when the brush is sufficiently disclosed child, teach him to play on their own, "Okay" and "magpie" ("forty-Soro ka, porridge cooked, nursed babies "- a pat on the palm of your hand," this - given, that - given " - when listing "kids" - massage fingers).

Massage fingers For the development of prehensile hand function is recommended during the first three months to spend some time training grasp reflex, putting their fingers in the palm of a child.

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Hold the baby brush

Hold the baby brush Exercise on the ball.

Methodological notes Hand Massage Perform - strokes the entire length of the child's hands (see I clod ­ plex number ) from wrist to shoulder.

Next appointment - ring rubbing.

Hold the baby brush (left hand - right, right - left), putting it in your thumb.

Thumb and index finger of your free hand grasp the ring handle child at the wrist.

Do vigorous rubbing ring with an emphasis on on the outer surface of the hand .

So in about - turns to move the elbow, then - turns - to shoulder.

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