Subclinical form

Subclinical form Worn form refers to a mild form of the disease and is characterized by normal body temperature and satisfactory condition of the child, on the background of which is celebrated on 1-2-fold cutback chair without pathological impurities, which is sometimes accompanied by transient abdominal pain.

After 1-2 days the disease ends in recovery.

Subclinical form is clinically manifested by presenting essentially salmonellonositelstvo, but the child's blood marks an increase of antibodies, and the instrumental examination revealed catarrhal inflammation of the small intestine.

Bacteriocarrier can be formed after the disease (acute - from 15 days to 3 months or chronic - more than 3 months).

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A study not so long

A study not so long Today's problem is that the diet of children includes large amounts of meat, dairy products and foods high in fat, so the children consume a lot of animal protein, calories and fat.

This kind of food, as well as inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables, which was mentioned above, the results, according to experts, obesity among today's teens.

Also, there is evidence to prove that and s for this type of food sexual maturation in girls occurs before all before.

A study not so long ago at the Harvard School of Public Health, found that girls in the diet which was more animal protein than plant, first menstruation occurs much earlier than usual.

Large amount of calories, meat and dairy products - all this, according to scientists, is directly linked to premature accelerated growth and an early menarche (though weight memb Ikov study was under the supervision of specialists).

Eating foods the body, which is reflected in the striking manner adolescents.

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1. Stage

1. Stage Phases: Progression (in patients without antiretroviral therapy, on the background of antiretroviral therapy).

Remission (spontaneous, after previously conducted antiretroviral therapy on the background antiretroviral therapy).




Stage of incubation lasts from initial infection and the primary manifestations of the disease as a clinical manifestation of the "acute infection" and / or the production of antibodies to the virus.

Its average duration is from 3 weeks to 3 months, but may last up to a year.

The virus replicates actively in this period, but the clinical manifestations of yet, and antibodies to HIV are not defined.


Step primary manifestations characterized in that the active replication of HIV in the body continues to receive the primary immune response against the pathogen in the form of implementation of the clinical manifestations or antibody.

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Greater resistance

Greater resistance Reducing the diaphragm creates a negative intrathoracic pressure which facilitates the entry of air into airway.

Greater resistance to the inhaled air have the forces of surface tension in the alveoli and the viscosity of the liquid in the lungs.

Surface tension in the lung surfactant reduced (active ingredient, which we discussed above).

Pulmonary liquid rapidly absorbed blood and lymphatic vessels in normal lung straightened.

Regulation of respiration is carried out by the respiratory center, located in the brainstem.

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Often the question

Often the question Massage and exercises should be carried out for - hour before feeding or - minutes after it.

Your arms should be perfectly clean, dry, soft and heat lymi, with short nails.

Watches, rings and everything else that can cause the child a nuisance at the time of the massage should be removed.

Clothing should be comfortable and easy, do not hesitate to movement and hands-open to the elbows.

Often the question arises: whether to use special oil E, massage creams or talc? Best massage clean mi hands, as oils and creams enhance glide and complicate the proper execution of techniques and talcum powder and dried skin of the child ka.

If your hands are too dry, apply a small amount of baby oil No.


High humidity (potli ity) hands can use talcum powder oneself that body of the child.

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