He will certainly

He will certainly The bubbles in a glass

This exciting experience will appeal to any child, and yours is no exception. Take a glass and straw, pour some water into the glass. Blow into the straw until the water is not zaburlit. Now, ask the child to do the same. He will certainly enjoy this focus.

BUT: do not be surprised if he will repeat it again and again at the dinner table.

. Aah-ooo! Where are you?

Take the ribbon and tie a scarf or baby eyes. He should listen carefully to where the sound of "Aah-ooo," the voice out where you stand, and before you touch. you should not deviate far from the kid. If he happens to find you, be sure to praise. You can bring the whole family, so it will be interesting and fun. All the players, including a toddler, in turn, is blindfolded. It is important that the baby was not only in the role of the leader is blindfolded, but also clearly pronounced "Aah-ooo" when looking for him.

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