A study not so long

A study not so long Today's problem is that the diet of children includes large amounts of meat, dairy products and foods high in fat, so the children consume a lot of animal protein, calories and fat.

This kind of food, as well as inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables, which was mentioned above, the results, according to experts, obesity among today's teens.

Also, there is evidence to prove that and s for this type of food sexual maturation in girls occurs before all before.

A study not so long ago at the Harvard School of Public Health, found that girls in the diet which was more animal protein than plant, first menstruation occurs much earlier than usual.

Large amount of calories, meat and dairy products - all this, according to scientists, is directly linked to premature accelerated growth and an early menarche (though weight memb Ikov study was under the supervision of specialists).

Eating foods the body, which is reflected in the striking manner adolescents.

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