When the dynamics

When the dynamics Mismatch power functionality of these children can lead to poor appetite, diarrhea disorders (simple dyspepsia), uneven buildup of body weight.

Daily volume of food for both children equal 1/2massy their bodies preserved for 2-3 months, and sometimes even 4-5 months.

When reaching the body weight, age-appropriate, power is calculated as well as for children with normal weight.

Calculation of power in children with high body weight should also be unique.

When the dynamics of increases under the age of body weight standards need to increase the content of nutrients in the diet is not required.

In case of insufficient weight gain should prokorrektirovat food.

Breastfeeding is the best kind of food the child, but we should not forget that from the first months of life, children need to be introduced into the diet food supplements that contain minerals, vitamins, organic acids, pectin necessary to ensure normal growth and development of the child and contribute to the prevention of diseases such as anemia, rickets and other.

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