Cams already loosely

Cams already loosely Hands rest on the forearm, usually made by the forwards.

Cams already loosely compressed and do not capture the thumbs.

Chest slightly elevated above the surface of the table.

Abdomen and pelvis tightly to the table.

Hips slightly divorced, raised shin.

Torso - direct.

Make it a thought line from occiput to mid mezhyagodichnoy folds .

x Children with impaired muscle tone, this line is constantly mixture schena in one direction (asymmetric position of the torso and head).

Straighten your legs and bring their child, see whether symmetric gluteal and popliteal crease.

Child free shifts head left and right, not to give preference to any of the Wai.

Leg Curl should occur freely without separation of the pelvis from the table surface.

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