So, the baby

So, the baby Particular attention is paid to the lumbar region (where the nerves originate, control leg muscles), the buttocks, legs massaged by a special technique.

So, the baby is lying on her stomach, feet dangling over the edge of the table or under the ankles is laid a small roller.

Back Massage: stroking across the back from the waist up to the neck and along the spine to the side surfaces - to the armpits.

Rubbing (fingertips, sawing back surface of the bent fingers) over the entire surface of the back, kneading, stroking again.

Lumbosacral region: stroking, vigorously growing even earlier, stroking in the direction of the spine and down the sides.

gluteal region: stroking in a circular or x-shaped on the board, intensive grinding (back surface of the bent fingers), kneading, invigorating percussion techniques (effleurage, pat, hack), again stroking.

The rear surface of the feet: total stroking, then stroking of thighs from the popliteal fossa upward and outward, rubbing, kneading of light percussion techniques (pat, hack one or two fingers), stroking.

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