In the room where

In the room whereThe children's room is also desirable presence of a small room thermometer. best to hang it around in a baby cot at a height of 5 m above the floor.

In that case, if you for some time with the baby will sleep in one room, you'll need a small light that can be switched quickly if necessary, getting out of bed and not risking anything to drop.

In the room where the child can put an aquarium with fish: first, it moistens the air, and secondly, it is aesthetically pleasing. And the child growing up to be interested in contemplation van floating in the aquarium fish.

As already mentioned above, in the nursery must maintain the desired order temperature of the air. A young child is still very imperfect mechanisms regu lation of body temperature. Therefore, there is a high risk of hypothermia. But it is not desired

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