Stabilization period

Stabilization period Growth pattern in girls is significantly different from the boys.

Stabilization period of growth short, with 8 years of growth acceleration begins, which reaches maximum numbers at the age of 10-11 years.

Vprepubertatnom period increase in body length in males reaches 47-48 cm, 36-38 cm in girls Increase growth in boys 10-11 years is due to the lower extremities, which in 14-15 years to stop growing and start increasing the size of the trunk.

In girls, these changes are observed in the age of 8 and 11-12 years.

Currently, these parameters have shifted to an earlier date.

Regulation of growth in the postnatal period is an endocrine nature.

Hormones, contributing to the growth are growth hormone pituitary hormones thyroid and insulin (a hormone of the pancreas).

Disturbance of function of these glands can lead to disruption of normal growth of the child, which can be adjusted while watching an endocrinologist by assigning the necessary preparations.

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