Iron supplements

Iron supplements In prepubertal and pubertal period used drugs with a longer action - ferrogradument, tardiferon.

Iron supplements should be used to the food in combination with ascorbic acid to better their suction, washed down with diluted acidic juices.

Long course of treatment, at least 1-3 months, under the supervision of a physician.

In the treatment of severe forms prescribed - ferrumlek, ferkofen erythropoietin.

When administered intramuscularly and intravenously drugs, you can not combine them welcome the appointment of oral iron therapy.

Recommended preparations of C, B, P, folic acid.

Prevention of anemia begins in utero with catering mother and her anemia prevention.

Paramount importance of breastfeeding with timely introduction of complementary foods.

Prophylactic iron supplementation for children at risk (preterm, from a multiple pregnancy).

Leukosis Leukemias - general name of malignant tumors arising from hematopoietic cells.

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