Raising and lowering

Raising and lowering What is missing?

This game is well developed memory and attention baby. Put in front of him a few toys. Encourage your child to call them, carefully again to see them, and turn away. And you need to quickly hide a toy. When the baby turns, ask him what's missing. Starting with three toys, gradually increase their number. Missing toys can also be more than one.


This fun game will appeal not only to your baby, but also to you. Take a small stick, tie a rope to it with a cloth ball. Your fishing rod ready. Raising and lowering it, ask your child to catch a ball. Shall be sentenced with "caught a fish, big and small." When a child tries to catch the ball, you gently lift the "bait", and the child jumps up to grab the ball. This game is actively trains all the muscles in the body of your baby, and you - the speed of reaction.

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