The most common

The most commonA baby any food can cause an allergic condition that manifests itself not only skin reactions, but also disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, when ingested food allergens on the child may chatsya runny nose and cough. Often the symptoms are very different from one kid simultaneously.

Allergic reactions of the organism sometimes arise only after a few hours or even days, and because food is a mixture of a wide variety of potential allergens cial, determine which of them are caused by allergies, turns up quite difficult. Of course, the best defense against allergies in the first year of life is breastfeeding a baby. Thus, if the baby has a genetic predisposition to allergies positedness, nursing mother should follow a certain diet, appointed her doctor. Infants with hereditary allergies are on artificial feeding governmental need special hypoallergenic infant formulas. The most common reaction to the child to foods is exudative diathesis. A huge role in the occurrence belongs diathesis following foods: milk, eggs, cheese, chocolate, cocoa, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, Ore hee, citrus, etc. In addition, the diathesis is carbohydrate-rich foods, including sweets.

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