Infectious When skin erosions treated with 5% solution of potassium permanganate, 0.

5% resorcinol solution, 1.

25% silver nitrate solution, Chatterbox, manufactured in pharmacies.

Hygienic bath should be carried out with a solution of potassium permanganate (1: 10,000) 1% solution of tannin, oak bark decoction or chamomile.

Infectious diseases of the skin and navel in newborns Omphalitis Omphalitis - inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the navel.

Distinguish primary and secondary omphalitis.

Primary omphalitis develops as a result of early umbilical wound infection, associated with the addition of a secondary infection on a background of congenital anomalies (incomplete umbilical, yolk or urinary fistula).

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