But the child

But the child When a normal child begins to walk, we take it as quite natural, self-evident matter.

But the child understands all the wonder and just walk rejoicing about it.

Divide it with him rejoicing, because it is - the jubilation of life itself.

" Provide your child freedom of movement, stimulate desire re child climb, overcome obstacles, even if it falls and rises of the various provisions.

Child's body needs a variety of movements to a greater extent than adults.

If possible, put in a child's room a special children's sports complex or Pitch hill with a ramp and a ladder.

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Organs of the respiratory

Organs of the respiratory Blood pressure is lower, the younger the child.

Organs of the respiratory system are not sufficiently developed: the nasal passages are narrow, friable nasal mucosa, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs also have a number of features in the structure and functioning.

All this predisposes to frequent acute respiratory diseases, the development of complications.

Furthermore, children have increased sensitivity to negative weighted fresh air.

If a kid long time Goa is poorly ventilated room, it becomes flabby lym, irritable, his disturbed sleep, loss of appetite.

Digestive system continues to improve.

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Children differ irritability, loss

Children differ irritability, loss The clinical picture In the first year of life in allergic diathesis are often signs of exudative diathesis, rarely limfatiko-hypoplastic or neuro-arthritic.

Children differ irritability, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance.

Common symptoms are enlarged liver, symptoms of biliary dyskinesia, or cholecystitis, dysbiosis (unstable chair with alternating constipation and diarrhea, flatulence, "geographical" language).

Immunodeficient condition often leads to the development of chronic foci of infection, increase the peripheral lymph nodes and spleen.

Young children often suffer from respiratory diseases with long subfebrile (a slight increase in body temperature) and protracted.

At preschool age they develop allergic respiratory diseases.

At school age the disease can lead to the development of eczema, atopic dermatitis, asthmatic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

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He will certainly

He will certainly The bubbles in a glass

This exciting experience will appeal to any child, and yours is no exception. Take a glass and straw, pour some water into the glass. Blow into the straw until the water is not zaburlit. Now, ask the child to do the same. He will certainly enjoy this focus.

BUT: do not be surprised if he will repeat it again and again at the dinner table.

. Aah-ooo! Where are you?

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Prevention Clinical supervision Clinical supervision is carried pediatrician in the absence of a nephrologist.

The first 3 months every 10-14 days conducted examination of the child, measured blood pressure, shall urine and blood.

In the next 9 months inspection and delivery of analyzes performed 1 time per month, and in the next 2 years - one every 3 months.

If within five years after the last exacerbation of the child there is no pathological changes and complex examination of kidney abnormalities were found, the child is removed from the dispensary.

The prognosis is favorable.

Prevention - early diagnosis and timely treatment of all diseases streptococcal etiology.

Cystitis Cystitis - inflammation of the lining of the bladder, which is most often caused by microorganisms such as E.

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